• Great variation of teaching aids

    In Perimeter International School, we provide a variety of teaching aids, enabling children to self-learn. This helps children to develop their abilities in terms of inferential capability, elaborative faculty, observance and concentration.


    The teaching aids are assorted according to children’s ages. During the process of learning, the instructors of Perimeter International School will come to an understanding of each child’s characteristic. Ultimately we help the kids to become

    an unique and irreplaceable individual.


  • All About That Motor Skills

    Our Physical Education classes can be taken both indoors and outdoors, depending on the weather.

    The contents of the lessons includes imitated rock climbing, crossing bridges and going through tunnels, etc. During the engagement, children discover how their body works as well as learning about their emotions. These experiences develop children’s ability to concentrate and memorize. We will also have other fun and exciting activities when special holidays comes up.


  • Fun Time With Arts And Crafts

    To achieve something big is not only about one person but teamwork! We allow kids to decorate their classrooms with their very own productions. What if we don’t have a pen beside us? Not to worry! Let’s make full use of everything in sight! We can even use our bare hands or feet to make a hands-on, feet-on, dazzling arts and craft.